Professional IT Commissioning and Secure Disposal

Enterprise Deployments

Remark-IT has skilled teams of Engineers and Technicians in house and located throughout the country ready to undertake deployments of any scale.

AoG IT Hardware Contract Panel Supplier

Government Supplier

Remark-IT is an AoG procurement partner to deliver all your IT service needs from commissioning, logistics, deployment GCSB certified data destruction and disposal. Remark-it services are carbon neutral, independently audited, efficient, and performed with high energy and professionalism.

Pioneers in Electronic Waste Recycling

ISO14001 Certified

Remark-IT have been at the forefront of the e-waste recycling industry for many years. Remark-IT have not only been an organisation that champions the need for sustainability but have been pioneers in finding innovative solutions to this growing problem.

Strive for Perfection

Tolerate Excellence

Established in the year 2000, Remark-IT Solutions professionally manages the commissioning, Secure Disposal and remarketing of Information Technology (IT) equipment for New Zealand and Australia's largest corporations, leasing companies and government agencies.

Remark-IT has, as its core value, the passion to strive for the perfect project or service outcome. The basic belief is that if you strive for perfection then at the very least you will achieve excellence.



We have commissioning centers located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, where we configure and build devices on mass scale.


Our professional deployment teams can undertake national or international IT rollouts of any scale.


Remark-IT have staff and contractors located in all major New Zealand regions. Our coverage allows us to service any location in the North and South Island within quick time frames.

Data Sanitisation

Secure Data Erasure for Mobiles and HDDs/SSDs in PC Desktop Computers, Laptops and Servers.

Secure Disposal

Remark-IT provides a complete Secure Disposal process with nationwide collection, advanced tracking, detailed reports, data sanitisation using Blancco or physical shredding.

Environmental Recycling

New Zealand is focusing more and more on the need to recycle electronic waste in an environmentally friendly way. Remark-IT is ISO14001 certified and can divert 98% of your e-waste away from landfil.

Asset Management

We can manage your assets through their total life-cycle. We use the latest in bar coding, asset auditing, web-based and radio frequency tracking.


We have established a strong network of national and international sales outlets for off-lease, retired, excess and obsolete equipment. This allows us to re-market large quantities of equipment quickly and get maximum return for our clients.


Remark-IT can organise freight anywhere in NZ or around the world. We can supply packaging material and labels, advanced tracking, secure warehouse storage in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and Australia.

Nationwide IT Transport and Logistics

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Remark-IT can organise freight anywhere in NZ or around the world. All assets will be tracked from pick-up to drop-off using the latest web-based tracking system.
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Our Projects

Project Green

Project Green has a simple vision: to take good care of New Zealand’s e-waste.

BNZ Community Program

Donating refurbished ex-bank computers direct to community non-profit organisations.

Digital Wings

Promoting access to digital technologies for people who are digitally disadvantaged.

MINT Innovation

MINT Innovation partners with Remark-IT to build New Zealand’s first gold refinery.


Sustainable and responsible e-waste collection and recycling in New Zealand.

Remark-IT can help you tailor and Develop Your IT Project into reality!


Qualified Employees

Our team consists of more than 100 qualified and experienced engineers and technicians who are always ready to help you.

Online Support

You can chat with us right now through our website! Let's get working on solutions to your IT problems.

Globally Certified

Remark-IT have been independently audited by Grant Thornton New Zealand, against Information Security Management (NZISM) controls.