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Polystyrene (EPS) Recycling - A circular Economy Approach

The unique process for re-manufacturing polystyrene is termed 'white rock' technology. The process breaks down consumer waste packaging polystyrene and transforms the polystyrene into 'Geofoam' drainage blocks. The unique process underwrites Remark-its zero-polystyrene waste to landfill objective.

We use a custom-made 'compaction' moulder compresses and binds polystyrene during the moulding process in order to create viable wholesale 'Geofoam' blocks from 100% recycled waste polystyrene.

Unique to our process is that compaction moulding can maintain or enhance waste polystyrene's AS1366.3 bearing strength when re-manufactured as solid Geofoam fill. By comparison, virgin manufacturers who add a percentage of regrind start to lose specification performance with as little as 10% added. This requires a greater end market to solve the waste nemesis that Polystyrene waste represents as a 'Problem Plastic'.

Our Wellington facility can take care of your polystyrene disposal

Because consumer packaging polystyrene typically does not contain flame retardant required for EPS use as cavity insulation in timber frame structures, it's use is limited to zero fire risk applications, e.g., drainage or fill. Requirements in the latter market are derived directly from engineering specifications in AS1366.3 (1992).

White rock technology significantly outperforms the high-volume low margin inflexibility of virgin manufacturing. Increasingly having recycled content is not sufficient in circular economy product claims and given our 100% recycled products meet and exceed engineering standards at a lower cost ex-factory, we can compete effectively in a wider market in spite of the high cost of transport.

We demonstrate every day that we are market leaders by displacing imported virgin product for polystyrene manufacturing in New Zealand. We are also at the cutting edge of driving EPS's replacement, as we apply our bespoke approach from expanded foam plastic to the new PLA based EPS alternative 'Zealafoam'.

Remarkit transforms your polystyrene waste into geofoam blocks

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